The Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Code

Rating: 4/4 (Thrilling fast read)

“History is written by the winners.”

Read the thriller The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. Robert Langdon, a Harvard University symbologist finds himself in trouble when Sauniere, the curator of the Louvre Museum in Paris is found killed under bizarre circumstances and the clues point back to Langdon. However, while dying the curator has left some intriguing symbols on his body and in the museum. Why did he do that? What is he trying to convey through them? Finding that might help Langdon to prove his own innocence. Sophie, a French cryptologist joins him in the quest for learning the same. They find out that the curator was actually the head of a secret society: Priory Of The Sion. The society is guarding a most elusive historical object, one which could shake the foundations of Christianity itself: The Holy Grail. Langdon and Sophie find themselves in the quest for the Grail and against the unseen enemy who is bent on destroying the Grail to protect itself.

The Da Vinci Code is a fabulous thriller. Un-put-downable! Dan Brown delights with the details of historical facts, people and places. Fact after fact of modern Christianity is put into doubt as the author points to clues that are all around us. Works of Leonardo Da Vinci play a major role in the novel. I found myself crosschecking the clues in the novel using the internet and examining Da Vinci’s works of art. And to top this, as the novel progresses, Sauniere’s puzzles just keep on coming in increasing complexity. A thrilling read.


The Code Of The Woosters

The Code Of The Woosters

Rating: 4/4 (Hilarious!)

Read a Wodehouse after a gap of many years, The Code Of The Woosters. As always, simple minded Bertie is in the soup. He has gotten on the wrong side of Sir Watkyn Bassett and his close pal Spode for trying to grab a silverware for his Uncle Tom, which Bassett had an eye on. Aunt Dahlia (Tom’s wife) sends him to Totleigh Towers to steal it. Also, at Totleigh Towers, Bertie’s pal Gussie is preparing to get married to Madeline (Watkyn’s daughter). Meanwhile, Stiffy (Watkyn’s nice) is in love with Pinker (another pal of Bertie). When Bertie arrives at Totleigh Towers, everything that can go wrong with the lives of these people, breaks loose. And all of them are aimed at Bertie! Bertie faces all of it with the help of his faithful butler Jeeves and all ends well.

If there were no sitcom on TV, Wodehouse would have invented it! This book is filled with outlandish characters, outrageous dialogues, all set in rich classic Britain. I could not help laughing out loud while reading this book. Between all these stormy characters is the real hero of the books — Jeeves with his cucumber cool air. Wodehouse cannot be explained, his books have to be read. I see a definite (Bollywood?) movie potential in his books. In case you were wondering, The Code Of The Woosters is “Never let a pal down.”

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