Understanding Exposure

Understanding Exposure by Brian Peterson (5/5) — This is a book aimed mainly at the beginner-intermediate photographer. I picked it up after a user reviewed it at Digital Photography School. I simply loved the book and learnt a ton from it. Why? The book is focussed on explaining the 3 elements of the photographic triangle: aperture, shutter speed and light (ISO) and how they’re related. This was perfect for me because I’m now at a stage where I can kind of compose photos, but have no idea what combination of aperture/shutter-speed will give the most creative exposure.

The book is just 160 pages and is composed of short chapters (each of just a couple of paragraphs) each dealing with specific details about the above. Every page is full of Peterson’s photos which illustrate what he’s trying to explain in that page. Also interesting is how Peterson gives the settings for that photo and even the backstory of how he did it. I loved everything — the writing style of Peterson, his examples and explanations. I highly recommend this book. I know I’ll be rereading this book soon.


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