Half-Marathon: You Can Do It

Motivation to run has been almost zero in the last few weeks. I picked up Jeff Galloway’s Half-Marathon: You Can Do It to perk up the spirits and prepare for the dreaded SG Marathon which I signed up for. (All thanks to you folks! I would’ve safely run in the 10K, but no you want me to do the half. Now I won’t even be able to complete the half-marathon I signed up for! šŸ˜› ) The book is short and colorful with lots of runner photos. But, that’s just about it. Other than a few tips you can glean here and there, Jeff seems to be just bullshitting his way through the book. There are entire sections in the book which don’t say anything in summary. For example, the section on food doesn’t suggest what kind of foods to eat or the section on cross training doesn’t suggest any example exercises. Jeff might be the most popular author on running (I haven’t seen his other books), but I was very disappointed with this book.


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