Windows 7: The Missing Manual

Is there any payback to a long time Windows user by reading a 900 page book on Windows 7? If the tome in question happens to be Windows 7: The Missing Manual, then the answer is surprisingly yes! Written by David Pogue, the tech writer for The New York Times, this book is an useful pick for everyone from the newbie to the expert user.

A lot of incremental changes have been happening in Windows over several versions and you may have missed some of it. I found the book immensely useful in discovering these little nuggets: easier keyboard shortcuts, features, usage scenarios and dialogs that greatly enhance the user experience. The book is loaded with the hallmark wit and sarcasm of Pogue, that makes it a joy to flip through. For experienced users, I do not recommend buying this tome. Instead, borrow it and go through it for a few hours with your laptop beside you, trying out your discoveries. I highly recommend at least a cursory glance at the first few chapters of Windows 7: The Missing Manual for all Windows users.


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